Last P2P Hack Club Meeting of 2019!

P2P Hack Club Team

Today is the final meeting of P2P Hack Club until 2020 😲!

Pretty crazy!

We've now been together for 6 meetings!!

2020 Recap:

Meeting 1- Website Workshop

We created our first project of the year, websites! Here are some photos! (Click here for the full album)

Meeting 2&3- 🎃Spooky Website Competition🎃

We made amazing spooky websites!! Here are the ones that we made!

The winner of the Spooky Website Competition was Lomax with his amazing spooky website!!!

Meeting 4- Brick Breaker Game w/ JavaScript

We created a brick breaker game using JavaScript! If you didn't finish your game, click here for a tutorial on how to create one at home!

Meeting 5- Text Adventure Game w/ JavaScript

Last time we created some amazing text-adventure games in JavaScript! If you have one that you would like to showcase to the rest of the club, submit this form- :D

Meeting 6- End of Year Party!!!!!!!!

Today, we are going to be having an end of year party! This is a celebration of what you all have made. You are amazing! If you see a project by another clubmember that you like, make sure to tell them!

You can choose to work on any of your prior projects, or start a new one! Here are some ideas:

  • Make the best choose your own adventure story the world has seen!
  • Make a website to host a poem that you have made.
  • Make a website that is filled with links to your favorite websites on the web! See if you can make a button that randomly takes you to a new website every time you click it!
  • Make a how-to site for your favorite hobby. Like playing Minecraft? Make a how-to guide on how to kill the Ender Dragon, and share it with your friends! Like crocheting? Make a how-to guide for how to crochet different patterns!
  • Make your own blog! Post your short stories, or write a novel on a website for the world to see!
  • Make a digital "Scrapbook" of pictures, videos, audio files, quotations, and more from a trip that you've gone on!
  • Want to study for a test that is coming up? Make your own quiz site using JavaScript! You can implement flashcards, vocab quizzes, and more!
  • Know any funny jokes? Make a site that hosts your favorites! Who doesn't like a good laugh?
  • Do you like photography? Post snapshots of your recent masterpieces!
  • Do you make comics in your freetime? Make a website to host a webcomic!

2020 News!

Next Meeting Date

Our next meeting is going to be January 16th, 2019. If you've gone to this meeting, you are automatically signed up for the club next semester!

NOTE: If you are no longer interested in the club, or you are unable to attend next semester, please let us know so that we can accomodate more club members.

Sticker Competition!

We need your sticker ideas! The coolest stickers will be printed out for our next meeting, with enough to give out to all of the P2P Hack Club members! You can make a sticker on paper, Google Draw, Photoshop, Illustrator, or send a PNG/JPG file!

We might be able to print every single sticker design that is submitted!

You are able to submit multiple sticker designs, and the sticker doesn't have to say anything about Hack Club/P2P specifically, although it would be so cool to have a bunch of Hack Club stickers everywhere! =)

The deadline to submit stickers is December 31st, so you can make your stickers super awesome before then!

Here is the form to submit:

New Club Website Coming Out Soon!

Our new club website is coming out soon! Here is a sneak peak of its design!

We're hard at work to make the website a better experience for you! Let us know if you have any ideas for the new website!

As the website is being worked on, we are in the process of getting a new URL! is our new website URL! will still redirect to in the future.

Hackathon Coming Up!

This weekend, The University of Colorado Boulder (CU) is hosting a hackathon! This is an event like a Hack Club, but it lasts for a much longer time! During a hackathon, you can form a team, and finish a programming project during a time limit for prizes!

Local Hack Day is a hackathon happening on December 7th, 2019. You should totally come! It is going to be a lot of fun!

For more information, you can click here for the hackathon's website.

See you next meeting!

-P2P Hack Club Team